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wallpaper*,INTERIOR DESIGNにSATO SUGAMOTO/BnA Alter Museum、"Double Dreams"が紹介されました。


*English follows Japanese.

アートホテル・BnA Alter Museumの紹介記事にて、弊社、地野裕子がディレクションを行った、artist菅本 智 (Sato Sugamoto)の【Double Dreams】 が世界各都市の建築・デザイン・ファッションのトレンドを紹介する英国誌Wallpaper*と、interiordesign.netに掲載されました。

【Double Dreams】 Artist: 菅本 智 (Sato Sugamoto) Art Director: 地野 裕子 Interior Designer:池田 励一 (Reiichi Ikeda)近藤 卓生 (Takao Kondo) 【紹介記事】 wallpaper*:…/j…/kyoto/hotels/bna-alter-museum INTEREOR DESIGN :…/16833-immersive-art-meets…/


Sato Sugamoto / BnA Alter Museum art room “Double Dreams” as featured on Wallpaper* and INTERIOR DESIGN.



INTEREOR DESIGN :…/16833-immersive-art-meets…/ 【Double Dreams】

string Artist:SATO SUGAMOTO Art Director: Hiroko Chino

Interior Designer:Reiichi Ikeda | Takao Kondo Concept:

A dream projects unconsciously from the depths of our hearts, involuntary thoughts become visible, instinctively dreams reveal glimpses of our real intentions.

Double Dreams visualizes the mutual influence of 2 parties sleeping in the same room. The thoughts born in our dreams elaborately intertwine to fill the room, freely changing form, an energetic flight of divergent thoughts, free from our intentions.

-saturation- interior of our dreams. Within the black and white dream hidden are the bright colored intentions, they saturate until visible from the exterior.

-inversion- depicts the inversion of our dreams’ involuntary intentions and voluntary consciousness.

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