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​Our thoughts

Currently, Japan's business environment ranking is on the decline.

In a world that will become more cosmopolitan in the future, instead of imposing the idea that Japan is a wonderful country,

We are concerned about the ongoing hollowing out of manufacturing, and it is important to consider how we can coexist with overseas products and let our individuality shine.

When I was 19 years old, I decided that I wanted to spread the goodness of Japanese manufacturing.

When I was in my 20s, I tried selling my products to SHOWROOMs overseas, but was disappointed, which inspired me to start importing products and create a market.

From that experience, I believe that what Japan can be proud of in the future are products that incorporate the unique Japanese sensibilities, such as the mind behind manufacturing and design, and I have created a new brand to put this idea into practice.(iT YUCASi)has been launched.

Due to our track record, we have had the opportunity to receive inquiries from customers in a wide range of fields, including not only manufacturing companies but also food, tourism, art, and new services.

Because we know the pain of starting up and selling, we provide our customers with products and services that will be accepted by society in the shortest possible time.

We will support brand creation and communication design.

​ Representative Director and President Yuko Jino

​About Lulu Trading Co., Ltd.

■Company history

·year 2012

Support for overseas expansion after encountering a printing company affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake

I aspire to start a business because I want to be able to follow up with Japanese manufacturing companies to get to the point where they need help.


Company formation

​Opened Showroom No.32 in Shinpukan (Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto City)

Launch of French brand by164PARIS' and Spanish brand MIMOKI in Japan for the first time.

by164PARIS → Sold at ELLE SHOP (an online store with 120,000 members), announced collaboration products with 25ans wedding (both Hearst Fujingahosha)


Moved Showroom No. 32 to LAQUE Shijo Karasuma (Shimogyo Ward, Kyoto City)

iTYUCASi brand business started


Moved Showroom No. 32 to the south side of Kyoto Gyoen National Garden and changed the store name to UNSHOWROOM.

■Main exhibitions

・HOMI MILANO(2017/1/25-31)

・83rd Tokyo International Gift Show Spring 2017 (2017/2/1-2/3)

・Kyoto Wisdom Industry Fair (2017/2/23-24)



・Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten/Yu Nakagawa (2017/11- GINZA SIX limited products, 2018/2- formal products nationwide)

・Tie-up product with Hearst Fujingahosha 30th anniversary 25ans wedding

■Main publication media

Kyoto Shimbun, Senken Shimbun, VOGUE JAPAN, Haeper’s BAZAAR, livedoor News, etc. 

■Award history

・6th Kyoto Women Entrepreneur Award (Entrepreneur Award) Kyoto Prefectural Governor Award Excellence Award (2018)
・11th Kyoto Cultural Venture Competition     Kyoto Prefectural Governor Award Encouragement Award (2018)
・4th LED Kansai Female Entrepreneur Support Project Finalist (2018)

■Obtained certification

・Management capability improvement plan (Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry/2017)

・Certified as Genki Seal Company (Kyoto Prefecture/2017)


​・​Part-time lecturer at Kyoto College of Art and Design (2018-)

​Representative profile

Lulu Trading Co., Ltd.
CEO Hiroko Chino

Graduated from the Department of Theology, Faculty of Theology, Doshisha University. After working at a financial institution, he launched a new company business centered on communication design business.

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