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​Past performance

Event planning, location coordination, PR,speakers, etc.

Event planning at Shinpūkan and LAQUE Shijo Karasuma operated by NTT Urban Development

PAN ASIA 2014 coordination
At PAN ASIA, an international conference that brings together leading experts and innovators from various sectors from 15 Asian cities and 13 other cities around the world,
Coordination of speakers from Kyoto.


FASHION CANTATA from KYOTO coordination(2014)

NY Material Connection Certified 3D Print Fabrics(2013)

Exhibiting materials from our business partners in libraries around the world

NY-Material Connection Certification-2013 Initiatives (1).jpg

In addition, I am involved in various events and corporate planning.

・Consulting for companies expanding overseas (matching apparel companies of JETRO excellent overseas companies and overseas apparel brands)

・Planning and copyright management of T-shirt collaboration between overseas artists (photographers, etc.) and Japanese companies
・Providing overseas information to major domestic publishers
・Location/PR/Personnel at the International Photography Festival held in a historical building in Kyoto City
・Planning and management of temple events sponsored by major railway advertising companies

・Planning for artist collaboration T-shirts developed by Pal Group ・Artist negotiations, copyright management

・Booking artists and proposing plans for events hosted by major railway advertising agencies, and managing planning corners for the same events at temples and shrines (including overseas artists).

​・Manage the copyrights of overseas artists and plan collaborations with Japanese domestic apparel brand products.

​・Interview project with artist, published in paper

・2016 Biwako Biennale/2016 BIWAKO BIENNALE/PR

​The latest results areFrom here

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