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A space inspired by the "Rakuhoku forest" and the "r...

Rakuhoku Hankyu Forest/Rakuhoku Hankyu Riverside/Decoration: Taiko Matsuo

■Forest/riverside decorationExhibition period: March 27, 2023 - August 31, 2023Location: 1st floorDuring the spring and summer periods, we plan to hold exhibitions that express the fresh and deep green of the Rakuhoku area, and In autumn and winter, we will hold displays depicting beautiful nature, such as autumn leaves, and will take place throughout the year. the year.The land in the Rakuhoku area, where Rakuhoku Hankyu Square is located, is surrounded by nature such as the Tadasu no Mori of Shimogamo Shrine and the Kamogawa River, and the area has an image of a quiet and nature-rich area , where nature remains as it did in the past.In particular, the abundance of trees around Rakuhoku Hankyu Square, the Takano River and the Tadasu Forest are impressive, and the work is inspired by the Rakuhoku trees.The shadow of Trees is a relaxing place where you can relax with your family, friends, partner or even alone. We wanted people to feel the rich natural environment surrounding Rakuhoku Hankyu Square in Rakuhoku Hankyu Square, which is why this tree decoration exhibition was held. space.The hope of this exhibition is that those who visit Rakuhoku Hankyu Square will enjoy shopping, feel the art and spend a relaxing time here.

In addition, the props used for this exhibition are made from environmentally friendly and sustainably recyclable cardboard. Rakuhoku Hankyu Square actively participates in SDG initiatives such as waste reduction.

Uses cardboard, a material that takes into account the SDGs/Cooperation: Takamura Industries

■Forest/riverside decorationExhibition period: March 27, 2023 - August 31, 2023Location: 1st floor

■Folding fan made by Komaruya Sumii

We created a folding fan with a design by Taiko Matsuo, who is exhibiting this time. We have produced it as a gift for future campaigns. 200 people will receive a fan specially made by Komaruya Sumii, a long-established store in Kyoto, based in the work exhibited.

Campaign implementation period: scheduled for after May.

Komaruya Sumii:Founded in 1624. The Sumii family, who were a court noble, received orders from the emperor of the time to make uchiwa fans and established "Fukakusa Uchiwa" in the Tensho era (1573-1592). In addition to dance fans, summer folding fans and hand towels, "Kyomaru Uchiwa" with names engraved with the names of geishas and maiko from Gohanamachi of Kyoto. He has a deep knowledge of the performing arts for generations and also creates accessories for Japanese dance and Kabuki. We transmit Kyoto culture to the world and at the same time transmit to the next generation what we inherited from our predecessors.https://komaruya

■Taiko Matsuo

Artist/IllustratorInstagram: @taikomatsuoBorn in the city of Kure, Hiroshima prefecture. Lives in Tokyo. After graduating from Hiroshima Jogakuin University Junior College, he worked at an automobile manufacturer for about 10 years before moving to Tokyo at the age of 32. He became an illustrator in 1998 after enrolling in the Setsu Mode Seminar. He has also done extensive work for advertisements for major companies and has created cover illustrations for more than 300 books.■Cooperation in cardboard production: Takamura Sangyo Co., Ltd . use reinforced cardboard and wood to design, propose and manufacture packaging for heavy items, we also provide POP related design and structural design for cardboard, such as cardboard play equipment, display design and displays to meet the various needs of our customers. We are a cardboard company that can take care of this.■Planning and supervision: Lulu Shokai Co., Ltd.


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