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Planning Collaboration: The North Face Collaboration Project x Kyoto Modern Architecture Festival...

Ruru Shokai Co., Ltd. will Established a new project called “Cultural Educational Tourism”, which is guided tours for incoming tourists, along with students and exchange students.

As a first step, we helped plan the first overnight stay project at Kyoto's Kyoto Museum of Art.

A unique accommodation project presented by the Kyoto Modern Architecture Festival where you can enjoy the museum for one night only from November 10 to 11.

We'll be doing everything from demonstrating THE NORTH FACE's signature tent, the "2m Dome" Supervised by Buckminster Fuller, and even tours and workshops in the evening assembly rooms.

[Purpose of the event]

Kyoto Modern Architecture Festival" It is an architectural event in which Kyoto's carefully preserved modern architecture is on special display for a limited time. Last year, when it was held for the first time, 36 construction projects participated, and it was a lively event with a total of 30,000 people participating over the three days. This year, the second year, we expanded the number of participating buildings and strengthened cooperation with various companies and institutions. We are moving forward with the project to further enhance the event so that it becomes a new tradition in Kyoto proposing a new and sustainable use of historical cultural properties.

In cooperation with Kyoto Modern Architecture Festival and outdoor branding

You'll stay in a tent on a quiet museum night, enjoy a private view of the Collections Room (collections display room), a night tour to explore the museum's architecture, and breakfast at the museum café ENFUSE.

This special moment, the first of its kind since the opening of Kyoto's Kyoto Art Museum, will be a great opportunity for parents and children to talk about the outdoors, art and architecture and increase their interest.

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