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Planning cooperation: Held on November 4th [Talk event] Community Bank Kyoshin x Kyoto Modern Arc...

Quoted from the Modern Architecture Festival official website.

In 1971, Kyoto Shinkin Bank was the first Japanese financial institution to propose a "community bank."In order to put this philosophy into practice, young creators who were active at the 1970 Japan World's Fair (Osaka Expo) were targeted.Noboru Kawazoe (architectural critic), Kiyonori Kikutake (architect), Kenji Eikyuan (product designer), and Kiyoshi Awazu (graphic designer) were involved in the internationally known Japanese architectural movement "Metabolism" from the 1960s. They were entrusted with a series of branch designs, which were gradually brought to fruition. There are over 40 stores!And 2020. A cross between Takayuki Sakakida, Chairman of the Kyoto Shinkin Bank, and Naotake Maeda, Planning and Promotion Director of the Kyocera Museum of Art and member of the Kyoto Modern Architecture Festival Executive Committee, was held at QUESTION, a regional exchange center opened with the aim of becoming a community bank for a new era. Hold a talk.Celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2023The origin of Kyoto Shinkin BankLooking back on the community bank concept,We will talk about the future image of Kyoto.

Date and time [Date and time] *Reservation priority, first come first servedNovember 4th (Sat) 17:00-18:30[Talk event]Community Bank Kyoshin x Kyoto Modern Architecture Festival“The future of Kyoto based on the community bank concept”*After the event, there will be a social gathering on QUESTION 8F (free of charge). Anyone can participate. Location Venue: QUESTION 4th floor Community Steps390-2 Shimomaruyacho, Kawaramachi-dori Oike, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto City Map (Google Maps)< /u>Nearest locations: Subway “Kyoto Shiyakusho-mae”, Keihan “Sanjo”, City bus “Kyoto Shiyakusho-mae” Applications will be accepted starting October 18th (Wednesday) at 10:00 *Reservations given priority, first come first served.Click here to apply*You will be redirected to an external site.*To apply for participation, please visitteketRegistration is required. Free of charge Capacity: 70 people (reservation priority, first come first served) GuideTakayuki SakakidaChairman of the Kyoto Shinkin Bank. Studied abroad at a high school in Connecticut on the east coast of the United States for four years starting at the age of 15. After returning to Japan, he graduated from the Faculty of Foreign Studies at Sophia University and worked at the Export-Import Bank of Japan (currently the Japan Bank for International Cooperation), then joined the Kyoto Shinkin Bank in 1985 and became chairman in 2018. As a financial institution that introduced the concept of ``community bank'' to the world in 1971, we believe in the importance of being involved in the local community and avoiding interference, and are committed to shaping the local economy and culture.In addition, he is the representative secretary of the Kyoto Association of Corporate Executives, the advisor of the NPO Glocal Human Resource Development Center, the chairman of the Ninnaji Monzen Town Development Council, and the director of Design Week Kyoto.Mr. Naotake MaedaFirst class architect/curator. Director of Planning and Promotion, Kyocera Museum of Art, Kyoto City. Kyoto Modern Architecture Festival executive committee member. Since 2003, he has been a member of the Mori Art Museum, where he has planned architectural exhibitions such as the ``Architecture of Japan Exhibition'' and the ``Metabolism of Future Cities Exhibition.'' In his current position since 2019, he worked on the "Modern Architecture Kyoto Exhibition". Received the 2019 Architectural Institute of Japan Cultural Award for a series of architectural exhibitions at the Mori Art Museum. Related programs[Passport released] Kyoto Shinkin Bank Kitano Branch[Passport released] Sponsored by Kyoto Shinkin Bank Kitayama Branch Kyoto Shinkin Bank, Kyoto Modern Architecture Festival Executive Committee Cooperation [Sponsorship] Mikkeller[Cooperation] Mishima Foods Co., Ltd.,Water and Rice,Co., Ltd. Lulu ShokaiOfficial website [Community Bank Kyoshin] Toilet available


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