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The First Symposium of CEC Cultural Educational Tourism Council Sponsored by Students × Kyoto × T...

Cultural Educational Tourism Council (hereinafter referred to as CEC) is a project managed by Lulu Shokai Co., Ltd., which works with ambassadors and students, including exchange students, to solve problems faced by cultural tourism policy through the industry, Government, academia and sustainability promotion, it was established on July 7 this year as an organization to promote potential urban development. Our mission is “From sightseeing tourism to learning and enjoying tourism”, and we work in a wide range of activities, from guiding to event planning. In celebration of the founding anniversary of the CEC, we are pleased to announce that

Student Symposium × Kyoto × Tourism to solve social issues and promote sustainable urban development through industry, academia and government.

We will partner with Kyoto Prefecture to sponsor "Tourism that is not just about seeing, but about learning and enjoying: what Kyoto Student Ambassadors think about the attractive city of Kyoto."

Event overview

Name |Student × Kyoto × Tourism Seminar

Tourism is not just about seeing, it is about learning and enjoying: ideas from Kyoto Student Ambassadors

What is the charming city of Kyoto?''

Date and time of the event | Saturday 13 January 2024 13:00 Opening 3:30 Start 17:00 Closing

Location: Former Kyoto Prefectural Assembly Hall (inside the Kyoto Prefectural Office)

Sponsored by the Educational and Cultural Tourism Council, co-sponsored by | Kyoto Prefecture

Care (draft) | Kyoto Prefecture Tourism Association, Kyoto City, Kyoto Shimbun, αstation

Care |under modification

Cooperation  | Under curationKyoto Tourism Academy, Kyoto Living Shimbun, Japan Times, Sustainable Japan Magazine, The Knot Hotel, Ace Hotel

Planning |Cultural Educational Tourism Board

Participation fee |Free (online reservation required) *Simultaneous online distribution available

Purpose of planning

There are many attractive cultural resources such as rich nature, historical buildings and traditional arts and crafts

Kyoto. We would like to take advantage of these cultural resources, provide visitors with learning and experience opportunities, and spread Japanese culture to the world.

The traditional culture and historical heritage of Kyoto have their own characteristics in each location, and are visited by many tourists from Japan and abroad. However, tourism should not only be limited to seeing things, but also include learning and enjoying. At this symposium, Kyoto Student Ambassadors, including exchange students, will present their thoughts on “The Attractiveness of Kyoto”.

Ambassadors attend universities and vocational schools in Kyoto, reexamining modern Kyoto from a variety of perspectives, from its history and culture to nature, food, industry and innovation, and rediscovering its value. Activities. In this symposium we will present new attractions and possibilities of Kyoto based on research results and interviews, and we will interact and exchange views with the participants through discussions. This project aims to provide an opportunity to understand Kyoto more deeply, think about new ways to enjoy sightseeing in Kyoto, and discuss ideas to create opportunities for tourists to become more engaged in Kyoto.

Taking a moment to reflect on the magic and future of Kyoto with the student ambassadors responsible for the future of Kyoto is a great way to increase interest in sightseeing in Kyoto, looking to the future, spreading and weaving history and culture to the world, and it will be an opportunity.

Program proposal1. Greetings from the organizer and overview of the CEC | Cultural Educational Tourism Board Representative Yuko Jinno (about 10 minutes)

2. Greetings | Opening Message: Kyoto Prefectural Governor Nishiwaki (Interim) (approximately 3 minutes)

3. Introducing the sponsors, sponsors and cooperating companies|Introducing the logos on the screen (minutes)

4. Student offer |100 minutes

Proposal: "The magic and future of Kyoto from the students' point of view"〇

  The Judge (Draft)

Editor-in-Chief of Japan Times Sustainable Japan Magazine Mr. Shirai, Research and Consulting Fellow of Mitsubishi UFJ / General Assembly Design Representative Mr. Yoshitaka, Ms. Akemi Nishimura / Hiiragi Family Manager and Homeowner *We will receive feedback from two people per group.

~15-minute break~

5. Follow-up conversation (10 minutes x 3 to 5 people)

  Suggested topic "Weaving Kyoto's outside-in and inside-out perspectives into the future"We will hear from someone with an outsider's perspective on the charms and challenges of Kyoto (Kyoto Prefecture) as seen from the outside. Recognizing problems and coming up with solutions.

  Speakers (key)


6.The student

Announcing the results of the presentation competition (15 minutes)

Awards Ceremony/Jury Comments

7. Closing speech by Deputy Governor Yamashita

8. Business card exchange meeting


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