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Pacific Rim 2018 Japan Stage/Location Coordination

Tama Art University from 2006USA Art Center College of Design andProject "Pacific RimWe coordinated the Kyoto research. New Project : Pacific Rim 13 [2018.9-]

Theme "Taste-Making Tokyo

Japanese culture is rich in food traditions from ancient times to modern times, from tea ceremonies and kaiseki cuisine, to Makunouchi bentos and ceremonial dinners, to cutting-edge pop-up stores and experimental food exploring the future of food. there is. "Taste Making TOKYO" is a project that focuses on the cultural, social, and ritual aspects of food. We will take you on a two-week field trip where you will experience contemporary art on Naoshima, and architecture that respects nature and the four seasons in Kyoto and Nagoya. We will also feature tea ceremony ceremonies, contemporary design and technology, Buddhist temple vegetarian cuisine, the latest food design/youth culture, street food (stalls), and pop-up stores, and propose new designs.

About Pacific Rim:


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