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New Project: Pacific Rim 15 We coordinated the research in Kyoto for the theme "Ceramic.

Day 1 : Ceramic × Architecture   Lecturer: Mr. Naotake Maeda, Kyocera Museum of Art, Kyoto  Explaining Ceramic in architecture while touring the modern architecture of Kyoto City Kyocera Museum of Art. Itadaki.

Kintsugi Lecturer: Mio Hioki    Visit the atelier to learn about the tools and history of kintsugi, and experience the actual kintsugi in front of your eyes. I'll have it.

Day 2 : Zen+Ceramic Talk & "Shojin Ryori" Ritual Zen lite lunch by Monk Ittoku-san                               Myoshinji Yotokuin Temple Mr. Kazunori Yokoe  Not only the experience of Shojin ryori, but also about the "ware" and "Sen no Rikyu" Sermon.

Day 3 : RAKUWARE MUSEUM Lecturer: Mr. Raku Kichizaemon the 16th

About Project & Archives

Pacific Rim is an international collaborative education project that has been implemented since 2006 with Art Center College of Design, an American partner school.Students studying in the field of design from both schools will explore global and local themes, from aging issues to traditional Japanese crafts, explore the role that design should play, and present innovative solutions.Pacific Rim is a joint educational project launched in 2006 with our American partner school, the Art Center College of Design. Design students at both schools discuss global and local topics ranging from issues of aging to Japanese traditional arts and crafts; investigate into the supposed functions of design; and propose innovative solutions.


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