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Shimane's amazake ``mizu et rice'' flies through the sky. It will be offered on J-Air's first sun...

To commemorate the adoption, sales began online on December 22nd, along with a limited-edition Doburoku. Official website:

Amazake from "mizu et rice" (main store: Kawamoto-cho, Ochi-gun, Shimane Prefecture), which is loved in the local Shimane and is produced for a limited time using home-grown rice in Kawamoto-cho, Shimane Prefecture, will be released in 2023. Adopted for in-flight service on Hatsuhinode flights operated by J-Air, a member of the JAL Group, in 2017. It will be offered on flights departing from Kansai International Airport.

A sake brand called ``Hotaru'' is popular in the Shimane region.At the fair, we received unanimous comments from the recruiters that the sake was very rich, delicious, and profound.Ta.

In commemoration of this, Mizu et rice- will be selling Doburoku" and "Amazake, which are made from the same ingredients and at the same time, in limited quantities. We will sell it. *Shipping starts on December 26th.

Water and rice-mizu et rice- Official website:https://mizuetrice. com/

[Even at home, feel like traveling on the first sunrise flight]On January 1, 2023, you can enjoy Doburoku, which was prepared at the same time as "Flying Amazake", at home.

On January 1st, enjoy the amazake flying in the sky on New Year's Day and the doburoku prepared at the same time at home.

  • Amazake

You can feel the rich aroma of koji, with a smooth, rounded sweetness and sourness.[Delicious way to drink]・Divide 1:1 with almond milk or soy milk- Divide 1:1 with red wine or beer*Delicious whether served cold or warm.Contents 300ml/500ml

  • Doburoku dry

Spicy and sour taste[Aftertaste] Fluffy sweetness of koji[Scent] Fruity and fresh like applesContents 300ml/500ml

  • Doburoku sweet

Slight sweetness of koji and refreshing acidity[Aftertaste] Sweetness followed by sharp spiciness[Scent] Fruity like lychee and fresh like apple.Contents 300ml/500ml

  • -mizu et rice-concept

Doburoku and amazake are both made of water and rice. We want you to know the quality of the material itself.Kawamoto Town in Shimane, which no one has ever heard of, is a town that no one knows about, and that's why it remains and is still being nurtured. , light and air. We grow rice in an environment surrounded by nature, with a sincere focus on the blessings of nature. "Doburoku" and "amazake" made using home-grown rice.Doburoku, which is considered to be strong, is enjoyed by diluting it with Calpis, like a cocktail liqueur. Amazake, which is said to be good for the body, can be enjoyed as is or split into pieces like a mocktail.Together, we will propose the creation of a new image.

Logo design: Yoshihiro Kojima / Sonais

Produced by: Yuko Jino / Lulu Shokai

  • Contact information

Seller name: Mizu and rice mizu et rice

Sales person: Mizue YamaguchiLocation: 487 Takubo, Kawamoto-cho, Ochi-gun, Shimane PrefecturePhone number: 0855-74-0086Email address: info@mizuetrice.comURL:


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