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We directed 4 rooms for 2 artists at the overnight museum "BnA Alter Museum."

BnA Alter Museum, an art hotel that disseminates Japanese art to the world, will open on May 17th in Takatsuji, Kawaramachi, Kyoto City.4 of the 31 rooms are SATO SUGAMOTO, < We worked with two artists: /u>SHOWKO.An experimental art facility unlike any other in the world, including 31 rooms of art works created by 16 up-and-coming artists and a 10-story gallery, will become a hub for transmitting Kansai's new culture.

■ About BnA Alter Museum

With a unique approach in which all rooms are custom-built art rooms and a portion of the accommodation fee is returned to the artist who created the work as a revenue share, it has been featured in more than 250 domestic and international media outlets, including The Guardian and Conde Nast. , the third art hotel by BnA, which has become a hot topic around the world, has opened in Kyoto. As the number of accommodation facilities that incorporate art increases, guests are encouraged to create an experimental space that only BnA can offer, where everything from the shape of the room to custom-made furniture and materials form a single concept, rather than just decorating or drawing pictures in the room. invites you to the worldview of artists.This time, in order to create a new hub for the Kansai art scene, we have curated nine art directors and 16 artists mainly from Kansai. A room with a 24-hour video experience created by Olympic Handover and Perfume director Daito Manabe, an interactive sound and light room created by BOREDOMS vocalist EY∃ Yamazuka, and various installations and performances both domestically and internationally. Tetsuya Umeda, who is known for his creative activities, has taken on the challenge of creating various accommodation spaces that go beyond the boundaries of visual art and hotels, such as a room of water and light created by Tetsuya Umeda. Direction was handled by a diverse group of nine directors from the Kansai region, including Noboru Tsubaki, head of the Department of Art and Engineering at Kyoto University of Art and Design, and Gaku Ogaki, the organizer of Ashita No Shikaku.The common areas include a bar "Untitled" that is open to non-guests, a cafe, a gallery, and an art shop.We plan various events and exhibitions and aim to become a cultural hub that transcends national borders.

■ About SCG (Staircase Gallery)

At the front of the BnA Alter Museum building is a 10-story staircase gallery. This is a new art facility that non-guests can also enjoy, holding experimental exhibitions in a vertical gallery unlike any other in the world, where you can climb the stairs and peer into a gigantic exhibition room over 6 meters high.On May 25th, we will be holding the first exhibition project "TO SELF BUILD" in which four artists including Buku Akiyama will be participating.

[Image 6]

■ Participating artists/directors

Artists:EY∃ (BOREDOMS) - AOKI takamasa - Tetsuya Umeda - Ryuichi Ohira - Mina Kazuki - Naoko Kawahara (SIONE) - Lulu Kono - Sai - Satoshi Sugamoto - Yusuke Nakano (Paramodel) - Daito Manabe (Rhizomatiks) - Akiyoshi Mishima - Mizuguchi Gucci (Akainu, Minima Musu) - Mon Koutaro Ooyama (#BCTION, DOPPEL) - Aiko Yuno

Art Directors:Gaku Ogaki (Ashitanoshikaku) - Satoshi Sakuraoka (FINCH ARTS) - Kumiko Sahara (4Music, Sister) - Kenji Daikoku (BnA) - Naoki Takubo (PULP) - Takefumi Tanaka - Yuko Jino (Ruuru Shokai, iTYUCASi) - Noboru Tsubaki (ARTOTHÈQUE) - Akiyoshi Mishima

■ BnA Alter Museum Facility Overview

Location: 267-1 Tenma-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto CityMain phone number: 075-748-1278Representative email: info@bnaaltermuseum.combusiness hours・Front desk: 24 hours・Staircase Gallery: 11:00 - 18:00 (7:30 - 11:00 is for guests only)・Cafe: 12:00 - 18:00・Bar "Untitled": 18:00 - 26:00Scale: 10 floors above groundHotel rooms: 31 roomsBusiness owner: Columbia Works Co., Ltd.Management: Columbia Hotels & Resorts Co., Ltd.Operation management: BnA Co., Ltd.


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